An Introduction to The Five-Point Rescue Plan

An Introduction to The Five-Point Rescue Plan


The aims of this workshop are

  • To teach delegates how to develop their own unique set of coping strategies
  • To improve the mental health of delegates
  • To increase resilience and foster wellbeing in everyday life


The specific course objectives are

    • To establish a supportive, confidential environment.
    • To explore the increasing need for resilience in our increasingly busy lives
    • To encourage delegates to examine their own mental health and to identify early warning signs in their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
    • To demonstrate how to use The FPRP as a step-by-step guide to identifying the root causes of delegates difficulties. Delegates will determine the nature of and overcome their resistance to change
    • The emphasis will be to concentrate on the things they can change rather than focusing on the limitations of their situation.
    • To facilitate the formation of a bespoke rescue plan to affect the most positive outcome
    • To lead a discussion regarding the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and the concept of introducing it into everyday life
    • To offer a Guided Meditation (a practical exercise).
    • To provide delegates with the opportunity to take part in a practical session where they will create their own FPRP
    • To teach a range of specific resilience tools for everyday use

When delegates have completed the workshop they will have:

  1. A better understanding of their own mental health and how to manage it
  2. Learned the value of stillness and creating peace in the workplace.
  3. Participated in guided meditation and will have the skills to continue this practice outside of the workshop
  4. A toolkit of cathartic resilience techniques to use when needed.
  5. The skills to create a Five-Point Rescue Plan to address any situation thereby increasing their resilience.

Included in the course:

  • A copy of ‘The Five Point Rescue Plan’
  • Guided meditation resources
  • Online support via the Five-Point Rescue Plan Website

Maximum number of delegates: 15

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