The Book Front Cover
“I would like you to know that I have benefited greatly from the guidance given in your excellent book, The Five Point Rescue Plan.
Having become rather overwhelmed with pain and mobility issues, resulting in unwelcome changes in my lifestyle and negative thoughts, the help I have received from those pages, particularly with creating a more positive attitude have been immeasurable.

More recently major problems and decisions have had to be tackled within the family, and I have found myself using the plan for the benefit of us all.  I do thank you for making this book available.  I feel that every household, professional worker and person concerned with the welfare of others would benefit from keeping a copy close by for consultation.  It has helped me so much to become a more rounded person and able to deal with the inevitable problems that life throws up from time to time.”


An easily readable and digestible book, particularly relevant to patients managing chronic illness and adverse life circumstances but also a relevant guide for clinical practitioners.  Explains basic psychology between how we think, how we feel and how this impacts on our behaviours.  Unlike other texts of a similar nature, it suggests ways in which these can be overcome including the underlying concept of the 5 point rescue plan; in which the reader identifies five personalised ways of coping with the particular problem they have identified.  The book also includes personal anecdotes from the authors, clinical examples and a workbook to guide readers through the process.  A great starter read for those wanting to take more control of challenges in their lives and feel empowered whilst doing so.”

Dr Rachel Hubbard


“Whilst attending private physiotherapy sessions with Chrissie following an injury to my back, I was also suffering very badly with work related stress. The stress manifested itself through daily episodes of vomiting.  It was debilitating, it was ruling my life and preventing my return to work. I had undergone medical tests through my GP and nothing was resolved however Chrissie suggested to me that I needed to use the Five-Step Plan to break the cycle. She went through the Five-Step Plan with me and helped me to decide what each step should consist of. To my surprise and delight over a few weeks, it worked well. Consistency was the key. I began to feel more in control. I began to recognise the signs of an ‘attack’ coming on and more often than not I managed to avert it using the techniques I had learned. I was finally able to return to work and a year on, despite still suffering from fluctuating stress levels, it has been months since I had a full blown ‘attack’. Massive thanks to Chrissie for sharing her knowledge!!”



“I cannot thank Dr. Forshaw enough for the help that she has given me. Not only was I able to understand and relate to the rescue recovery plan, the personal 1:1 care I received from Dr. Forshaw was amazing, and has empowered me to take control of my life again. I felt like I could really open up and was really listened to, so much so I feel like I can share my learning with my family and help them understand my issues and their own. Thank you!” 



In June 2014 I took part in the Five-Point Plan with Christine Mowbray at Bell Lane Clinic.

This has given me continuing relief from pain and discomfort in the subsequent 3 years