The Art of Increasing Resilience and Cultivating Wellbeing in Healthcare Professionals

The Art of Increasing  Resilience and Cultivating Wellbeing in Healthcare Professionals


The aims of this workshop are

  • To teach frontline HCPs how to develop a unique set of coping strategies for their vocation
  • To introduce mindfulness and meditative skills and techniques to frontline HCPs
  • To improve the resilience of frontline HCPs to avoid burnout

Overall this workshop will increase the wellbeing of frontline HCPs and foster longevity


The specific course objectives are

  • To establish a professional, confidential environment
  • To examine the increasing need for resilience in frontline healthcare
  • To facilitate a discussion regarding the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and the concept of integrating it into the workplace to facilitate wellbeing
  • To offer a Guided Meditation (a practical exercise)
  • To teach practical resilience tools
    • Visualisation – specific techniques to reboot between patients
    • Cleansing release – a cathartic technique to ‘leave it in the office’
    • Empower and entrust – a restorative approach permitting patients to take back responsibility for their health
  • To present The Five-Point Rescue Plan framework. Delegates will learn how to deconstruct any problem and understand the limitations the situation. The focus will be to concentrate on factors which can be changed and to develop their own plan to affect the most positive outcome. They will determine the nature of and overcome their resistance to change

When attendees have completed the workshop they will have

  1. An understanding of the value of stillness and creating peace in the workplace
  2. Self-awareness and the ability to recognise their own limitations
  3. A framework to support strategic thinking, problem solving and solution development
  4. A range of meditative techniques
  5. A bespoke resilience toolkit (skills and tips to use every day)
  6. Improved mental health
  7. Increased resilience
  8. A renewed appreciation of the joy of their role


Maximum number of delegates 30.

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